Revalidating h1b visa

14-Jun-2017 16:25

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You need to be counted against the cap to enable a cap-subject employer to file a concurrent part-time H1B for you. However, if you wanted to do part-time and/or concurrent work for another cap-exempt employer, the Petition can be filed any time. If more petitions are received than the cap-subject numbers available, USCIS may return the petitions received in excess of the cap.

In the past USCIS used a random selection for this purpose.

Can we use academic evaluation and his experience letters to qualify him?

Or, do we need to get an experience evaluation before filing the Petition?

It is strongly advised to file the petition on April 1st or as soon thereafter as possible.

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Top Not necessarily, as the USCIS looks at the totality of evidence as to the viability of the petitioner, existence of the job opportunity, ability to pay issues, etc.It would be a good idea to submit the experience letters along with the academic evaluation.