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28-Oct-2017 20:17

A search warrant was obtained for the phone and investigators were able to track it nearly 450 miles away to Houston.Police discovered the phone was used to make a call to a person in the city.9 to check on the welfare of animals on the property after Fox had apparently been absent a few days, according to the affidavit.Police were called back to the home five days later, after Fox was reported missing.An autopsy revealed he died of blunt-force trauma to the head.An Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation agent was called in to investigate the scene.Lenkart said Solomon was arrested in 2013 after his department was contacted by a police agency in Utah about a stolen car.Lenkart said Solomon was taken into custody, and was eventually sent back to Utah to face charges.

Investigators claim the man in the photo was the same person in the bank surveillance footage.Welcome to Love Epicentre, professional service for meeting and dating people online.