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She was added in the mid-November 2015 build, and is a reference to a twitter conversation with the developer wherein he claimed he was a pink-haired Japanese schoolgirl with large breasts.

She's in the Gaming Club (naturally), and is one of only five students thus far (Winter 2017) to have a crush on someone other than Senpai.

Each piece fits over the head like a dress, with stretchier material than your average uniform, making them not only comfortable, but washable to boot. Which key uniform item was popular during your high school years? Have you ever worn a high school uniform after graduation? Would you be open to wearing a school uniform around town now? They were practically meant for staying inside and in bed all day.

Popular cosplayer Ayato Nikukyu models each style from the 70s/80s, 90s, and 00s, and the photographer who shot these models is none other than Yukkey, the same guy who previously showed us these amazing cosplay photo tricks.

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She is known for asking obvious questions, and is almost always seen with her phone. A pink-haired student with a bust that rivals Kokona's.

Is sent 100 years into the future to a world totally devastated by zombies!

This is the erotic tale of her struggles getting back to her own time period...

A purple-haired student introduced in the mid-November 2015 build, who is rumored to be a succubus. A pink-haired student who is Sakyu's younger sister, introduced in the same build. She is in Class 2-2, has a "Social Butterfly" persona, and is not in any club.

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She is close to her sister Inkyu, and Oka Ruto is currently trying to prove that they are supernatural in nature. She was introduced in the mid-November 2015 build as a member of the Martial Arts Club.As with most products, Japanese language / region settings must be correctly applied before downloading, extracting and playing the game.