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I pulled my hand from underneath her cheer skirt, placed my finger in my mouth and said,”Your my first and you have the sweetest cheery pie in the world”.Class was coming to a close and lunch was next on the schedule.She gave me my first hard on and felt my penis sliding down my pants leg as it stiffen.She was smiling, was grinding my leg a little harder and by then knew I was getting anxious.Her pussy was still moist from the earlier encounter spreading her legs she said,”Have some cherry pie.”Using my thumbs I spread her sweet moist lips apart and licked,kissed and sucked her sweet cheery pussy.My lower jaw was dripping from her juices flowing and she then said,”Wet your fingers and thumbs with my pussy juice and finger fuck me like a 6 pack.” I said,”But first on your stomach.”She said,”Yes sir.”I slipped a finger into her pussy and a thumb into her ass and she let out the sexiest “Oooooo” I have ever heard.When we arrived at the library,we checked in with the librarian and she was going on her break.We didn’t need a library pass while on our lunch and the librarian said,”Try not to make much noise SAT’s are being taken in the conference room right next to the library”. K.”When the librarian left the library,we both put our book bags down and as I uncovered the wet area on my pants leg,the cheerleader said,”My orgasms look very sexy on you”.

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She went down on me kissing my hard penis through the wet fabric and said to me,pulling her cheer blouse up,”You can play with my perky cheer titties if you like”,grinding them against my thick cordoroys.I was wearing thick corderoy pants and I noticed she wasn’t wearing any panties when she fluffed her cheer skirt before she sat down.As she sat she put her hand between my legs and stared rubbing my inner thighs and grinding her cute cheerful ass against my leg, slowly at first.She looked up at me and asked,”Do you like my lipstick all over your penis head,it’s cherry? She unzipped my pants, massaged my balls with one hand ,stroked the shaft with the other and continued her oral pleasure upon headily and before I new it I was cumming in her cheerful mouth.

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