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02-Aug-2017 17:32

Usually the question where I am from and how do I like Iran were the only ones I was asked.Just the other day I saw a list of the safest cities in the world and I was not surprised to see Tehran there.The stations are full of posters showing why men shouldn’t enter these parts of the metro, how uncomfortable the women would feel.Traveling around Tehran was quite an experience anyway!When I was telling my friends I’m going to Iran some 90% of them were seriously concerned about me and asked me to think over my chosen destination.

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Iranian is the largest Iranian Chat Room site for Iranian singles.I usually divide such stories by four and don’t expect much but surely on my second day in Iran (or was it a night? I took the night bus from Tehran to Shiraz (the journey was supposed to last between 12 and 15 hours) and at 5 in the morning I was woken up by the driver – it turned out he lives in the random town we were passing by and since at that point there was only me and two more passengers – a mother with a teenage daughter – he invited us over for a breakfast.Normally I wouldn’t have accepted such an offer (and I refused few times before finally agreeing) but since I was accompanied by other women I figured out nothing bad can happen.There were tourists, surprisingly many of them, few guys traveling solo but not a single women.

That just meant to me that the stereotype that Iran is a dangerous place to visit, especially for independent (female) travelers are as strong as always.

No one spoke English so for two hours we all did our best to communicate with hands, speaking loud and slow in our languages or using the short phrasebook at the end of Lonely Planet.