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As you will eventually discover, the alteration of any single characteristic or feature could very well be the only detail separating one model from another.

All but two models in the category feature a user interface implementing a Variable Speed dial in the center of the control panel flanked by levers/toggle switches on either side.*** On a few models the Variable Speed dial will also have 3 pre-programmed cycles (Smoothie, Frozen Desserts, and Hot Soups) to be utilized in conjunction with Vitamix recipes specific to them.

Below is an image of the three different control panels that will be found on blenders in the C-Series line, the top being the most common.

***Edit: In October 2013 Vitamix introduced the 6000 model which has neither a Variable Speed dial nor lever.

The majority of your options fall into this category.

In this article I’ll lay out the exact differences in every Vitamix model in their current home line – 28 at last count – hopefully making it a little easier for you to figure out which Vitamix to buy for you and your family.

Perhaps the most important thing to keep in mind during your selection process is that there are basically only two different motors Vitamix will use for every blender in the entire line.

Here I will divide every model in the Vitamix home line into one of two categories, distinguished by the motor used in the blender – the 2 HP or the 2.2 HP.

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I’ll call them “Traditional” and “Next Generation,” respectively.*** A third category dedicated solely to Certified Reconditioned Vitamixes – all of which are derived from those in the first two – will then follow, as will a brief note about models you will not see mentioned.

In March 2012 the Pro 750 was introduced featuring a 2.2-peak horsepower motor.

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